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Chairmans Update - 2021 Show

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

I hope everyone is well and doing all you can to keep safe and stay positive in these uncertain times we find ourselves in. 

May next year seems a long time away, but putting on a rally of our size takes time and we soon have to start the planning process in order to deliver a safe show everyone has come to love.

As a committee we feel passionate about  maintaining Carrington Rally for years to come and although a decision for 2021 needs to be made at the right time, we also have to be mindful that we cannot compromise the safety for our volunteers, exhibitors, traders, general public or the potential impact on our surrounding area. 

Whilst non of us know what next year will bring; we do know that many if not not all the current government guidelines and restrictions for outdoor events will remain in place, with the potential for further changes. 

As a committee we've been following the ever changing government guidelines and working out the potential to deliver a show that's enjoyable for everyone; whilst maintaining COVID-19 safe protocols and keeping within the government guidelines. Cost implications will always have to play a part in the decision making, allowing us to remain stable for future years. But rest assured our commitment has not changed and at this moment in time we are working hard to put together Carrington Rally, 30th/31st May 2021. BUT this will have to come with significant changes to how the show can run and operate in a safe way. Details of this will be released when we feel appropriate. A final decision will be made early next year and will be based on local restrictions, government restrictions and how this unprecedented pandemic evolves. 

We have all our fingers crossed for Carrington Rally 2021

Keep safe and well,

Alex Bell 

Chairman - Carrington Rally 2021

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