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Easter Road Run

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

Our Annual Carrington Vintage Vehicle Road Run is taking place on Easter Saturday,

April 16th 2022. This year it will be a Memorial Run in memory of Herbert Epton and Robert Crawford.

The run will start at 09.30 am from “The Aviation Museum” (

) at East Kirkby by kind permission of the Panton family and will follow a rural Lincolnshire route. Please follow the YELLOW ARROWS that will mark the route and indicate where there is a turn.

There will be a lunch time stop half way round the route where hot food will be available for purchase.

On return to East Kirkby mid afternoon there is the Aviation Museum to view and experience the sound of the Lancaster Bomber.

The entry fee is £15 per vehicle and driver, plus £5 for each additional passenger, payable on the day which will be donated to charity; this fee includes your admission to the museum.

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